Nuisance Animal and Animal Removal Questions

Nuisance Pro, LLC is a professional animal removal service specializing in bats, birds, and all nuisance wildlife. If you are already experiencing an animal versus human conflict, you can trust Nuisance Pro, LLC to handle your animal emergency. We also are experts at fixing the areas where animals can establish their nests before they do.

As the owner and operator of Nuisance Pro, LLC, I, Nathan Seelow, would like to emphasize how blessed, privileged, and proud I feel to run a business I love so much. Thank you for visiting our website. I hope it answers some questions for you.

What is your service area?

We provide animal removal services to customers in an area with roughly a 40-mile radius from Neenah, Wisconsin where we are based that ranges north from Green Bay to as far south as Fond du Lac. We also provide our services in New London, Berlin, Wild Rose, Sheboygan, and all of the Fox Cities including Neenah, Menasha, Appleton, Kaukana, Kimberly, and Little Chute.

I found an abandoned baby or injured animal. Can you help?

For a charge, we will pick the baby or injured animal up for you. If you are able to catch and safely contain the animal on your own, here are some places you can contact to find out whether they can help the animal:

Saving Paws Animal Rescue (cats and dogs only) in Appleton, WI

(920) 832-2392

Animal Medical Center (animal hospital) in Appleton, WI

(920) 749-1717

Aves Wildlife Alliance in Neenah, WI

(920) 716-2790

Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary in Green Bay, WI

(920) 391-3671

Wind River Wildlife Rehabilitation in New London, WI

(920) 982-6825

Is there a charge for removing an animal from my property?

As we all know, nobody can work for free. There are a lot of expenses associated with running an animal removal business, including bait, traps, gas for our vehicle, insurance (liability, health, and vehicle), vehicle maintenance, paperwork, advertising, and more. The charges vary on the travel distance to and from job site and the type of problem each unique job can create. Exact prices can be explained by phone.

Doesn’t anyone remove animals from homes or backyards for free?

No, they do not. There are agencies in various communities that deal with domestic animals, but not wild animals. If an animal is living on or destroying your residential or commercial property, it is your responsibility to hire a professional to remove that animal.

Which animals does Nuisance Pro, LLC remove?

We specialize in bats, birds, and all nuisance wildlife. If it has wings, four legs, or no legs—we can help you remove the animal from your property!

What are the most common animals that Nuisance Pro, LLC removes?

The most common nuisance animals we remove are squirrels and raccoons, probably followed by woodchucks and bats.

Do you remove bugs or insects?

No. We focus on nuisance animals and wildlife. You can find services that will help you handle this problem if you search online or in your local yellow pages under Pest Control.

Do you know where I can find my dog or cat?

We do not deal with any domestic animals. You should contact your local humane society or police station. The number for the Fox Valley Humane Society in the Fox Cities area is (920) 733-1717.

How did Nuisance Pro, LLC get started in the animal removal business?

My dad taught me how to trap when I was a kid. I grew up spending most of my time on my grandparents’ farm where my dad worked. I spent my time helping on the farm, exploring the land, hunting, and trapping. Back then, I trapped mostly fur bearers such as fox, coyotes, raccoon, and muskrat. Years later in 1999, something was killing my sister’s chickens on her farm. Knowing my experience trapping, she called me to trap the culprits, which ended up being raccoons. I was on my knees resetting a trap after a successful catch, when I wondered if anybody else had these problems. My sister helped me make business cards and it all started there.

How long have you been working with animals?

I have been trapping animals my whole life. I got the idea for the Nuisance Pro, LLC animal removal business in 1999 and started working with customers in 2000. At that time, I also worked as an electrician and did animal removal. In 2005, I was fortunate enough to run Nuisance Pro, LLC full time.

What type of traps do you use?

Every unique call has different circumstances. If the customer is OK with it, we use lethal and live traps—whichever best fits the situation. We try to trap animals live as often as possible, but in some situations, it is impossible or unsafe to live trap an animal.